Solar Pavilion is a design concept developed by Jane Ostermann-Petersen using  the German chemist Michael Grätzel’s colour-sensitized solar cells. The solar cells make it possible to charge mobile phones and laptops in the group room, which functions as an independent off-grid unit.

The beautiful coloured solar cells are integrated directly into the pavilion’s glass facade and constitute the basic element of its architectural motive

The first installation of this concept is a group room for the students at Roskilde University campus – an example of  “one to one” on how alliances between designers and researchers can make concrete proposals for the sustainable building of the future.

Quote from the Danish press relase:De smukke, farvede solceller er integreret direkte i pavillonens glasfacade og udgør grundelementet i dens arkitektoniske motiv. En klassisk siliciumbaseret solcelle er isoleret betragtet mere højtydende. Her anviser studiepavillonen med et kunstnerisk valg til fordel for den smukkere Grätzel-celle, hvordan en lavintensiv energiteknologi på byskala kunne få et stort potentiale. Den farvesensibiliserede celle kan helt banalt finde plads alle steder, hvor vi lukker dagslys ind i husene gennem glas, og her både producere elektricitet og forlene vores rum med skønhed.”


    • Builder: Bygningsstyrelsen
    • Architect: Skafte Aymo-Boot
    • Engineer: Co Morriën
    • Contractor: Egen Vinding & Datter
  • Initiator: Lektor Torben Lund, Roskilde Universitet

Year: Summer 2018

Location: Roskilde University Campus, Denmark

Key features:

  • 192 transparent dye-sensitized solar cell double glazing
  • 8 Usb connections to charge devices
  • 124 individual laser cut pieces in the world’s largest laser cut building 
  • Interior is designed from leftover materials
  • Illuminated all year from solar power
  • Off-grid and self-sufficient study space producing surplus power for students and guests.

Solar Pavilion is customizable and made to order:

We are happy to work with you on designing the solution best suited to your needs, assist with document aiding permission as well as to consult on placement on your property. Tell us about your needs to get the process to your project going.

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Solar Pavilion 2018 from Jane Ostermann-Petersen on Vimeo.



Thanks to:, Martin, Birger, Emil, Henrik, Lars, Andreas, Allan, Claude,  Karina, Klaus, Jesper, Kyusoon Shin, 김종복 배상, Nicolas, Gabrielle, Bo, Schack, Signe, Jomi Massage