Title: Shelter

– A twin bunk with the ability to rise above “with all the sludge”

Commissioned by Roskilde festival, 2010

The project derives from a fundamental disgrace of the enormous cleanup work, a festival that includes the Roskilde Festival when the party is over. Part of the waste is tents, covers etc.

Jane has therefore used materials that already have a function in the festival area, which therefore also knows the way back in place when cleaning up.

Lewis plates have been used for protection against weather and wind. The individual plates are bent so that they fit in size to the three pieces. euro pallets that serve as a basis. The small housing is raised above the ground with the help of beer boxes, avoiding cold, mud and dust from the ground.

The sun’s rays are reflected by the Lewis plates so that a comfortable temperature is preserved in the “Shelters”. The front/back carpet is made of bicycle hoses.

Location:  Roskilde Festival  campsite, 2010

Created at the Danish Art Workshop, SVFK