Kolonien II is a sustainable, ‘plug and play’ cabin and a temporary home. With its modular nature, it is easily assembled and moved as needed. This version comes with 10 cm insulated – minimum size 15 sqm,  and remains fully flexible in terms of the placement and combination of glass doors, regular doors,  walls etc.

Specifications:  Living room, Insulated

Size: 15 sq. m. / 161.5 sq. ft.

Year: summer 2016

Location: Refshaleøen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Key Features:

EXPANDABLE: Each core segment of Kolonien is 110 x 220 cm and 330cm wide – and you can add as many as you like.

FLEXIBLE: Kolonien is flexible in form and function and makes space for what you need by shifting function from private to common room.

SUSTAINABLE:  Kolonien is created in collaboration with Egen Vinding & Datter who specializes in sustainable and organic construction and building materials. This means no toxic paints or fumes, hemp fibers as isolation and solid woods. A house that breathes.

Kolonien is available and made to order:

We are happy to work with you on designing the house best suited to your needs, assist with document aiding permission as well as to consult on placement on your property. Tell us about your needs to get the process to your dream house going.

After an initial conversation, we will deliver 2 design sketches and material suggestions customized to your ideas.

Kolonien starts at 27,000 Euros.

Contact us for more details or Download the specifications



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