Kolonien I is a sustainable, ‘plug and play’ cabin and temporary home that can be built in different sizes. With its modular nature, it is easily assembled or expanded as needed. Its steel frame can be covered fitted with wood, glass, canvas or whatever else you might think of.

Specifications:  Living room

Size: 330 x 660  

Year: Summer 2013, prototype

Location: Refshaleøen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Specifications:  Living room 


Key Features:

EXPANDABLE: Each core segment of Kolonien is 220 cm 330cm – and you can add as many as you like.

MOVABLE: Kolonien can be packed down by just three people, transported on a simple trailer and set up again on a beach, in the city or on a rooftop within 1 day.

FLEXIBLE: Kolonien is flexible in form and function and makes space for what you need by shifting function from private to common room.

The prototype for Kolonien was created at SVFK  National Workshops for Arts  and has since been recommended by The International Red Cross’ Shelter Research Unit, who has suggested the use of Kolonien in connection with their strategy for “Transitional Shelters“.  Read the recommendation here

Video – Installing the house



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